Kelp Meal 1KG

Kelp Meal 1KG


Explore the purity of Southern No Till Kelp Meal – a minimally processed solution that retains the myriad secondary metabolites found in kelp, effectively stimulating plant health and growth. Unlike concentrated kelp extracts subjected to heat and chemical processing, this whole, raw kelp meal preserves powerful growth-promoting hormones such as cytokinins, gibberellins, auxins, indoles, and more.

Key features of SnT Kelp Meal:

  • Preservation of Beneficial Metabolites: Minimally processed to safeguard essential secondary metabolites that foster plant health and growth.
  • Natural Growth-Promoting Hormones: Rich in cytokinins, gibberellins, auxins, indoles, and other growth-promoting hormones, promoting robust plant development.
  • Balanced Spectrum of Minerals and Micro-nutrients: Provides a comprehensive array of minerals and micro-nutrients, ensuring a well-rounded nutritional profile for your plants.
  • Over 60 Trace Elements: Enriched with over 60 trace elements, Kelp Meal delivers a holistic and nutrient-rich supplement to support plant vitality.

Embrace the natural goodness of Southern No Till Kelp Meal, a solution that goes beyond traditional processing to offer your plants a balanced and nutrient-packed boost. Elevate your cultivation experience with the abundance of trace elements and growth-promoting hormones inherent in whole, raw kelp meal.