Southern No Till Insect Frass 5KG

Southern No Till Insect Frass 5KG


Discover the power of Insect Frass – a potent bio-fertilizer and inoculant derived from the castings of black soldier fly larvae, meticulously produced by Bardee in a cutting-edge, lab-controlled facility in Victoria, Australia. This innovative process not only upcycles food waste but results in a consistent and powerful bio-fertilizer, enriched with organic nutrients, plant-available chitin for pest resistance, and a wealth of beneficial biology.

Key features of Insect Frass:

  • Slow Release Nitrogen: Ideal for longer-season crops, providing sustained nitrogen release.
  • Enhanced Organic Fertilizer Effectiveness: Low C/N ratio improves N and P availability, boosting the efficacy of organic fertilizers.
  • Increased Plant Biomass: Promotes healthier and heavier fruits, contributing to robust plant growth.
  • Rich in Beneficial Biology: Contains an impressive 200x concentration of beneficial biology compared to compost, including nitrogen-fixing bacteria, protozoa, and fungi in all functional groups at 240,000,000 CFU/g.
  • Promotion of Soil Microorganisms: Fosters a thriving environment for soil microorganisms, supporting overall soil health.

Check out our comprehensive heavy metals report for transparency.

Typical Analysis:

  • Total Calcium (%): 10.5
  • Total Magnesium (%): 1
  • Total Nitrogen (%): 3.5
    • Nitrate Nitrogen (mg/kg N): 0.6
    • Ammonium Nitrogen (mg/kg N): 3270
  • Total Phosphorus (%): 1.39
  • Total Potassium (%): 1.75
  • Total Carbon: 33.40
  • pH: 7.35

Unleash the potential of Insect Frass to elevate your crop cultivation with a sustainable, nutrient-rich, and beneficial solution.