HydroAxis Scrog Net 120x120cm

HydroAxis Scrog Net 120x120cm


Experience simplicity in plant training with this easy-to-use elastic netting. This netting ensures uniform and natural plant placement by stretching as the plant grows, providing ample support to keep the tops down.

Maximize your grow-room or tent's horizontal space for optimal yields using our SCROG nets. These nets allow you to effortlessly train your plants to develop more horizontal growth, eliminating excessive vertical stretching. The result? A controlled layer of flowers above the SCROG net, leading to increased yields and a hassle-free harvesting experience.

The mesh netting effortlessly stretches and hooks onto the vertical poles of your tents, offering a convenient and efficient solution for enhancing your cultivation space. Elevate your plant training game with HydroAxis' versatile and user-friendly elastic netting.


120cm x 120cm